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Get to Know Your Board: The Answers

We've started a series of blog posts about getting to know our AQG Board of Directors members. To get things started, we asked our Board of Directors members what their favorite or most used quilting notion is. We compiled their answers into a fun matching sheet and members who completed the sheet and brought it to the meeting (the answers didn't even need to be right) were entered into a special drawing.

Our three winners went home with some new notions to add to their collections. This is a series, so we'll do more of these in the future. You could be one of our next winners!

Seven chose a combination of rulers, cutting tables, and rotary cutters. Getting the pieces properly cut definitely helps you start a project off on a good note. One Board Member even made sure to specify a "proper height cutting table", which can make a big difference when you have to do a lot of cutting.

Six more of our Board Members said that their seam ripper is their most used tool. Several have even given it a name and one uses one made from a special wood that smells like chocolate. If you need to unsew those seams, you find ways to make it fun.

The rest of our Board Members had quite the varied selection of favorite or most used notions. From a design wall to binding clips and nearly everything in between, you're sure to find a recommendation or two.

If you missed the matching sheet, you can find it here:

Get to Know Your Board
Download PDF • 57KB

The answer sheet is below. Have fun guessing!

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