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Welcome to our new Blog!

Starting with just 14 members in 1993, Appleseed Quilters Guild has grown to over 135 members today with it's pre-Covid peak of over 180. With that many people, sometimes it's hard to connect with each other and get to know our fellow quilters. We want this blog to be a place where we can share our love of quilting with our fellow members. We'll feature posts like the following:

Share Your Space Saturday

We all like to have an inspirational and functional place to sew. We'd like to share some of those spaces with our fellow members. Maybe you'll see a new way to organize your scraps for appliqué or a great way to store your various rulers. It might even be something that is completely decorative that you just have to have in your own space. Whatever it is, we want to share our sewing/quilting spaces with each other.

Get to know your Board

We're going to have our board members answer a questions, such as "What's your favorite quilting notion?" and have you guess which notion belongs to which board member. Answers will be given at the next general meeting and anyone completing the list will be entered into a drawing for a special prize.

Project Spotlight

Whether it's a Guild project or a Bee project, we want to spotlight all the different things Appleseed members are a part of. Our Appleseed members are some talented people and we want to celebrate that talent by spotlighting different projects within our Guild.

Bee/Member Spotlight

We also want to highlight our fabulous bees and members. Periodically, we'll feature one of our members or Bees in a blog post. From the types of quilts they make to the tools and patterns they use, we want to know it all and we want to share it with all of you too.

Guest Posts

We'll also have a guest posters from time to time. Whether that is one of our own members or one of the many quilting bloggers on the internet, we want to provide posts you want to read and topics that are interesting to our members.

If you have a suggestion for a blog topic, guest blogger, or want to help out with our new endeavor, please contact us at Happy Quilting!

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