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We Need a New Designer!

For Fort Wayne Quilt Fest 2022 we had a unique raffle quilt that was designed by three talented members of our Guild.

Remember this? It was gorgeous! This quilt is named Shattering Darkness and the designers also created a pattern book to go with it. (If you missed getting it at the show, you can order one through Amazon here.)

We also used this quilt in the 2022 color FWQF logo.

Early in 2022, we requested submissions for the 2023 raffle quilt. We wanted to continue having an original, unique design for the quilt. Several designs were submitted and a committee was created to review them. Just like with our quilt judge at FWQF, submissions were reviewed without the committee knowing who any of the designers were. The design submitted by Marcia Brindel was chosen to be our 2023 raffle quilt.

Construction began over summer and Marcia's pencil sketched designs were digitally recreated for use in our 2023 color FWQF logo and other promotional materials. Check it out!

The raffle quilt will be revealed, in all its beautiful glory, in a couple of months and tickets will be available at that time. We sold over 2,500 tickets for the Shattering Darkness quilt in 2022. This is due in large part to our wonderful members not only selling their 10 tickets, but also hosting pop-up events around town. One of those events sold 65 tickets in just a few hours. Help us make our goal of selling 3,000 tickets this year and consider hosting a pop-up event. We'd love to put the 'sold out' sign on our ticket sales table this year!

We also want to continue this tradition in 2024, so we need you to submit an original, unique design. You can submit a digital design (like one created using the EQ software or any other design software) or you can submit a pencil sketch, or anything in between. You can submit one yourself or collaborate with a friend (or more than one). The deadline is March 1st and we haven't gotten any submissions yet. You could be the first!

Submissions will be reviewed by an anonymous committee and the committee will not know who submitted designs.

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